Robots in Retail; Part 1 of series

COSY is…Robotics using computer vision and artificial intelligence for inventory management on the retail floor. Robots in Retail! What comes to mind? Perhaps you picture famous robots, such as Johnny Five (Short Circuit) or perhaps your memories go back even further to Robot or B9 from Lost in Space. The reality is the technology will […]

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NSF, I-Corps, Pivots

I-Corps, changing the world one pivot at a time. While I suspect you’re familiar with the NSF, it’s less likely you’ve heard of the I-Corps, and you also probably aren’t familiar with pivot in the context I will soon explain. Recapping the first several posts: COSY was born in Sept-2012 A little less than 3 […]

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Localization & Navigation COSY-style, Part II

GPS has made outdoor navigation so simple (and so much safer); COSY will move the miracle of localization and navigation indoors! Now we’ll be moving on to indoor localization and navigation for the blind (and everyone else). The previous post discussed 3D immersive mapping and how it will benefit retailers and consumers but that’s just […]

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COSY robotics, Part I

COSY robotics will make indoor environments as accessible as GPS has made the outside world. It starts with a great map! COSY is a robotics company developing technology to create 3D immersive maps of complex indoor spaces. Sounds impressive (at least to me) but what does that sequence of words mean and why should you […]

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COSY Introduction

On July 22, 2015 a revolutionary new technology was piloted. It will transform the world for people who are blind, giving them independence which is identical or even superior to someone who is sighted.

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